Monday, November 26, 2007

Gretchen's B-Day

Sunday Bernie and Kathe had everyone over to the Kale home to celebrate Gretchen's 28th birthday. We had a yummy ice cream cake and everyone enjoyed catching up after the Thanksgiving holiday.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Tom and Carol's in Sierra Vista, Az. Uncle Dirk and Aunt Edith came over from Sonoita to join us and we enjoyed the beautiful weather by eating our turkey on the patio. The food was all wonderful, and we had a great time visiting.

Tom carves the organic turkey (it was yummy!)

Edith and Dirk relax on the patio

Chris knows the best part of the meal - dessert! And don't forget the extra whip...

Cowboy Dirk and Chris enjoy the last of the evening sun after the big meal

Is that Christian washing dishing? Yes - he and Tom did the cleaning up. Good job boys ;)

After dinner, Christian and Tom got the chiminea going - they had quite the fire (as you can see from the flames shooting out the top)

Christian and Barb enjoying the fire

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dinner with Dirk and Edith

We went over to Dirk and Edith's for dinner one night while in Arizona - and it was great! Edith made us yummy Dijon Chicken and we had a great time relaxing, and playing with Liezel (thier min pin).

Leizel especially enjoyed playing with Chris. While she make look vicious in these pictures, Chris assured us that she was just gumming his hands - not biting.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Naco, Az

Visiting Tom & Carol in Arizona - along with Chris and Barbara. Today we headed to Bisbee, but on the way stopped in Naco, a border town along the way. It was really cool - there were old abandoned Army baracks here (we were only on the U.S. side) and they were pretty run down, but made for some fun pictures...

There was a recent article in the Sierra Vista Herald, sent to us by Tom and Carol, so I thought I'd provide a link - gives a little history about the place:
Camp Naco

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cocktail Party

Saturday night we hosted a cocktail party - because "nobody has cocktail parties anymore!" It was a lot fun, even though we had WAY to much food - and probably a few to many cocktails as well... but everyone got dressed up and the favorite drink of the night was definitely the "Stiletto" - a twist on a Manhattan with muddled oranges and cherries. Yum!

Chris hard at work, prepping for the party...


Brushetta -one of about 5 trays... Thanks to Sara for all her help on these

Gretch and Phil

Dori and Renee

Chris after a few cocktails...