Monday, June 30, 2008

Angie & Bern's Rehearsal Dinner

We had such a fun time at Bern & Ang's BBQ rehearsal dinner - the whole crew was there, and the weather cooperated really well! Big Bern deep fried halibut and the Courtneys made amazing BBQ pork - to die for!! I got a lot of fun pics of all the kids running around - so these are a little old now, but I had to post a few up for everyone to see - enjoy!

Somehow Emme convinced Chad to squirt the whipped cream straight in to her mouth... Bridgette - you didn't hear that from me ;)

I love this picture of Levi - he is totally loving that angel food cake!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Catching up on posting...

So my college roomate KJ and her husband Brian came to visit a couple weeks ago - and we had a fabulous time hanging out with them! They are great sports, willing to trek off on Alaskan adventures that we setup for them, including a Halibut fishing charter out of Homer. Chris and I went to help our friends Dellany and Joe who are getting married in Homer July 12 (woohoo!) do some work on the house while the fishing went down - but we had a good time, and as always, Alaska offers some incredible scenes...

KJ & Brian on the homer Spit

Joe and Dellany in the Homer boat harbor

This eagle was awesome - click on the images to blow them up, and you can see he's looking right at me!!

Salty is such a beautiful dog, and so great on the water! I love taking her portrait ;)

More to come - I'm still playing catch-up on all the great images I've taken this summer. I have some really nice sea otter shots coming up soon... We caught a couple of them snacking on crabs - and they let us get so close you could hear them crunching away! It was so cool...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kale Wedding

I know that I'm way behind on picture posting - I still haven't posted any from my 'bama wedding in May! But Bern and Ang were so kind in trusting me to do their wedding photography, I had to post up a few of my faves right away! I literally took over 1,000 pictures, so I've got my work cut out for me sorting through them all. But here's your sneek peak...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Visiting Bama

Apologies to Katie - I know i have been slow to get some new pictures up, and there are still so many to sort through!
After the lovely wedding (pictures to come on that one shortly) in Mobile, we headed out Gulf Shores for a little beach time. Uncle Dave arranged a wonderful boat ride for all of us, and we had a really nice time just relaxing. There was a huge thunderstorm inland just before the ride, so we were all very thankful it cleared up on the coast and we were able to head out.

Cristen and Megan pose on the boat

Poppi, with his Bud Light in hand...

Barbara Ann and Katie, lounging on the deck

Megan picks up the essentials - beer!

Caught mom trying to take my picture - no way lady!

Aunt Bebe and Katie giving the camera a smile

I even caught Michael smiling too...