Thursday, June 10, 2010


Since I haven't updated the blog with any fun images in awhile... here are a few to enjoy! A big thanks to Josh Hejl for his inspiration to go and shoot in the evenings of late. I drug Chris and Ryan out to the birchwood flats for some practice.

Since my tripod broke recently I decided to practice some of my Eddie Soloway techniques. I loved his workshop last summer - teaching us to see things in a different way. These are my "watercolor" abstracts. I love them! The idea is to capture emotion... And trust me, it's not as easy as it might seem ;)

And it never hurts to practice a little off camera flash... Guinness is a difficult subject, not only because he is a black dog but also because he won't sit still... but Chris stomped down on his leash and I got him to keep looking at me by just saying "cookie"...

And what's a photog expedition without beer?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New House!

Alright - i know, you've all been waiting for news on the house front... We have not wanted to post anything before it was official - but we are pretty close to the finish line now! All of the inspections/appraisals/etc are done - there are a couple of minor required repairs that must be completed to meet code before the bank will let us close, but the contractor has been hired and should be finished this week! If all goes smoothly with the paperwork we should be homeowners (again) sometime around June 18-21!

Since we are not owners yet i don't have a lot of pics to share, but I grabbed these from google maps. If you want to look more closesly, check out the street view option - it's fantastic!