Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Engagement Portraits

Had lots of fun photographing Bern & Ang for their engagement photos. We started out EARLY on Saturday (they were good sports) to catch the morning light - down near Birchwood Airport. Just as we were getting started we were attacked by bees! Ok, they weren't really attacking, but they were chasing us around and being very rude. We have no idea where they were coming from - bees don't build hives in the mud do they??

Here Angie is clenching here fists and closing her eyes hoping the bee will go away...

And here is Bern doing the "robot" running away from the bees.

And here is one of the bees buzzing around - circled in red and blown up so you can see him :)

It's hard to pose when you're worried about getting stung, but we did get some great shots. Sorry though, you don't get to see them here ;) I figured I'd let them decide what they want published...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8 Random Things

Ok, Gretchen "tagged" me to post 8 random things about myself. These are little on the neurotic side (cause I'm apparently crazy!) but they should be entertaining at least...

1. I sing to my dog. Chris is constantly rolling his eyes at the crazy/weird lyrics I make up to sing to him. An example would be "Puppa, I like it when you call me big puppa. Wave your paws in the air, if you think you're a player, Puppa" Sung in the voice of Will Ferrell as Robert Gullay from an SNL sketch, although it was Poppa... The rest of the songs are rather nonsensical however. I sometimes sing him the "God loves a terrier" song if any of you remember that from Best in Show.

2. I can't stand having heavy things over my legs. I don't know if it's a flight instinct, and I'm afraid I won't be able to run away or something, but if people put their legs over mine, I freak out. I have to move them. Chris does this sometimes just to make me mad.

3. I can't sleep in a bed with messed up blankets and sheets. Everything has to be smooth and sleek. If there is a rumple or if the sheets get pulled up to far, I have to remake the bed. Again, this upsets Chris because it usually happens right when he is trying to go to bed, and I make him get up so I can "fix the bed"

4. I love gummybears. I buy 6 pound bags from Costco that I keep at work for snacking on. Whenever I need something sweet, I grab a handful.

5. I hate talking to strangers on the phone. I don't even like ordering pizza over the phone. I always make someone else do it.

6. I'm allergic to onions. And no, it's just not an "allergy" because I don't like them. I loved them. So keep that in mind - if you invite me to dinner, onion free please!

7. I can't drink out of regular nalgene bottles. The hole is too big and I always spill all over myself.

8. I have blood-needle phobia. If someone even starts telling a story about surgery or injuries or something, I have to either leave the room, or pass out. I pass out when I haveto get shots, even TB tests make me pass out. I can't even change earrings without getting dizzy. (And no - my ears are not pierced)

So there are 8 random (and slightly out there) things about me!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Peterson Bay, Homer - Salmon Derby

We headed down to Homer again the weekend of Aug 18th - for the annual Peterson Bay Salmon Derby (yes, any type of salmon counts) It was slow going this year, only 2 salmon were caught! We at least we were on the winning boat...

Dellany holds up her winning fish - an 18.6lb King Salmon.

We headed out Sunday at 7am for high tide, and it was gorgeous! Cameras just can't pick up the subtlety of the colors we saw - it was breathtaking.

Chris, driving the boat - we all got a chance to drive while we were trolling - it was fun, and nobody crashed...
We always see a few otters when we're out - this guy was pretty cool, he was just hanging out near the beach while we floated by. So cute!

Dirt Biking at Kings River

While Dori was hiking Southfork, Christian and Chris were out biking at Kings River. Here are a couple shots Chris took from the top - what a view!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hiking South Fork

Sara and I went on a great hike today back South Fork in Eagle River. The weather was perfect and we even brought Guinness. We weren't sure how he would do, but he was a total trooper! He is DOG tired this evening though and I bet will sleep the rest of the weekend - but he had lots of fun.

We picked some blue berries while we were there - they were everywhere! Perfectly ripe and really big for Alaskan wild blue berries...
Guinness was picking blue berries too. With his tongue...

If Guinness could talk, he would be saying in this picture, "Mom - put me down. Seriously..."