Monday, May 31, 2010


Saturday morning Chris and I got up early to sign papers on the new house (more to come on that!) and meet up with our friend Christy and her dad to go clamming. And by clamming I mean hopping in their 7 seater piper cherokee. It was awesome! We took off from Merrell Field in Anchorage and flew over the inlet to find the clams!

There were bears out everywhere! They must like clams too ;) These shots were actually really tricky - we were going about 150 mph, so fast shutter speed and pre-focusing were a must! Jim did a great job of flying us over and tilting so I could get the shot - perfect!

Here is the beach where we landed and dug our clams! There were a couple other planes out there, but mostly we had the place totally to ourselves! We only had about and hour and a half to dig because of the tides, but we filled our buckets!

Razor clams are not my favorite to eat, but they are fun to catch!

All in a morning's work...

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Bridgette said...

Umm, I totally recognize Christy Lauler..(isn't it?)from Youth Rallys! Weird! Hey, enough of the clams (although that is super cool) what's up with the house? Details please.....